DNF duel | Today’s new gameplay

There are many wonderful fighting games, both new and old. As Arc System Works continues to update its old Guilty Gear game with rollback network code, these fighters are given new lives. However, are there other fighters that have recently appeared in this genre, such as Guity Gear Strive and other upcoming fighters, such as SNK’s King of Fighters XV? After experiencing the beta version of DNF Duel in person last weekend, Game Informer editor John Carson thinks so.

Game Informer editor and today’s host Wesley LeBlanc discusses the recent Beta test with John, AKA The King of Late Night, AKA may be the world’s greatest fighting game player. The two also talked about what makes DNF Duel unique in the busy genre, where is its inspiration, and most importantly, how it feels to play.

In today’s new gameplay, in addition to the above discussion topics, we also have 15 minutes of action-packed DNF Duel Beta gameplay. Thank you for watching, and please be sure to let us know what you think about this upcoming fighting game from Augusting and Arc System Works.