Dolby Vision games are now available on Xbox Series X and Series S

Microsoft introduced Dolby Vision Game support Xbox X series with Xbox Series S Console, after testing the feature since March. Dolby Vision was first announced for console use in September last year.

Currently, there are ten games that support it, and Dolby Vision will eventually be launched in more than 100 HDR games.

At the time of writing, F1 2021, Psychonauts 2, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Gears 5, Borderlands 3, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Dirt 5 and Metro Exodus all support Dolby Vision .

As For Microsoft, Dolby Vision can support dynamic metadata, which means that after enabling this feature, users will experience “brighter highlights, sharper contrast and more vivid colors.”

“There are more than 100 next-generation HDR games optimized for the X/S series that will use Dolby Vision, and you will see more games in the future, such as Halo Infinite taking full advantage of Dolby Vision,” Xbox user Katie Slattery explained. Microsoft’s project manager.

In addition, thanks to the new Dolby Vision enhancements on Xbox Series X and S, thousands of classic HDR10 and automatic HDR games will benefit from improved image quality.

If you enable this feature, when you start playing games that support it, your game console will automatically “provide a rich and immersive experience that no other game console can match.” It’s a bit obvious, Microsoft pointed out that in order to best enjoy Dolby Vision, You need a TV that supports Dolby Vision Automatic low latency mode (ALLM), enabling variable refresh rate (VRR).

You can check whether your monitor supports Dolby Vision by pressing the Xbox button to open the guide on the console, and then go to Settings> General> TV and Display Options> 4K TV Details.

We know we are getting this technology “first on Xbox”, but at the time of writing, we can’t expect it to appear on PlayStation.