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In a world where humans are attached to the pockets of civilization, Eastward draws inspiration from old RPGs and movies such as Earthbound, Zelda, and Studio Ghibli to create beautiful and desolate locations full of puzzles and actions. Although it looks like a pixelated old-fashioned RPG, it is very gorgeous and every environment is full of details, just like a Ghibli movie. This is a tribute to the famous Japanese animation studio, you can find Hayao Miyazaki himself in the starting town Potcrock Isle.

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What is it? A modern tribute to JRPG classics
Estimated payment: USD 25 / GBP 22
Developer: Pixel
Publisher: Clownfish
Comment time: Intel Core i5-8250U, Intel HD Graphics 620, 8GB RAM
multiplayer game? Do not
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Association: East Game Network

To the east, follow John, a silent miner, who cooks and beats people with a frying pan, and Sam, a little white-haired girl (that’s why you know her mysterious). The two developed a father-daughter relationship when they were making a living in the underground town of Portcrock Island, but when they were banished to the wasteland of the surface world, they found that the above things were not what they thought. A little time, but when you leave the first area and introduce deeper mysteries, it really starts to take off.

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These puzzles are very similar to the Legend of Zelda-place heavy objects on the platform to keep the door open, throw bombs in the gaps, separate the characters into one another to clear paths-and are both challenging and not too frustrating Strike a balance between. Some parts do feel a bit repetitive, especially the part where you have to solve the puzzle quickly to avoid being consumed by the spreading miasma. Let me leave for a second to calm me down. It is not that the puzzles themselves are difficult, but that there is not enough time to evaluate and complete them before death. Repetition and frustration destroy the tension, but fortunately, such things are rare in the East.

Monsters are cute, like staggering mushrooms and bomb-spitting duck plants, and can usually be knocked down with a few pans. The bosses have some gimmicks that need to be solved first-coax them to hide, or make them stand still, so you can give them a good blow.John’s trusted frying pan has a satisfying Nail in But it can be difficult to aim, and switching between aim and gun will slow you down, which causes me to relax my vigilance in more situations than I am willing to admit. However, swapping between John and Sam uses her energy to explode very quickly, helping to keep the sense of freshness.

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What makes Eastward truly outstanding is its atmosphere. It somehow crosses the boundary between pixel retro and detail and lighting modernity. New Dam City is a highlight. Japanese houses and alleys are crowded together, but potted plants and electric wires are still everywhere. Other areas are disturbing, and as you go deeper, this kind of anxiety will slowly spread to you. When you are exploring a beautiful forest, the eyes of the next robot will follow your every move. Eastward also did some interesting things through the vibration settings on the controller-simulating the feeling of passing a train track or the feeling of heartbeat at a tense moment.

Even after I stopped playing, the music has been bothering me. This is a Chiptune love letter written to games in the 90s. There is no doubt that it will enter many “lofi chill beats to study to” playlists. The text design is also great-in times of tension, the speech bubble will tremble in surprise or make a slow sound. This is a master class on how to give a character personality without dubbing.

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Eastward is full of unique characters, and even those NPCs who have just lived through their lives will shine. The downside is that when everyone in the room is weird, no one really stands out. It feels like being hit by a wall of constant chatter, it is difficult to say what is important, because everything is given the same weight. In addition, you really understand certain characters only because they will never be mentioned again, which means that it is difficult to develop attachment to anyone.

Relatively early, John attracted an admirer named Uva. The romantic element was suddenly and simple. There was a group of grandma intervening, and everyone needed their own “position” as part of the comedy. They are unnecessary and overbearing-without this, the story would be better. Regrettably, each of the actors is excellent, but they must compete with each other to get your attention. John’s perseverance, because he is the only one who never speaks.

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In addition to the main story, there are some terminals that allow you to play an old-fashioned 8-bit RPG called “Earth Born”, which features the classic turn-based combat in the early Dragon Quest game. It is surprisingly deep, and hearing various characters full of enthusiasm for it during the journey makes the world explored by Sam and John feel more real. Cooking and finding new recipes to make healing items is another interesting pastime. It has cute and flexible animations, just as joyful as the animations in “Breath of the Wild”. However, there is hardly enough space in your backpack to store your cooked food or enough stove to cook, which makes it hard to heal in the dungeon.