Don’t be afraid of the sound of cards: if you don’t like card games, island dragon roars

Yes, the new Yoko Taro joints are actually driven entirely by cards. Characters are represented by cards. The map and all locations are represented by cards. The conversation takes place through cards. In fact, damn almost everything in the entire game is a card. But even if you don’t like Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra, or Yu-Gi-Oh! “And other games, you may also want to watch “The Voice of Cards: Dragon Island Roar”. Thanks to the demo that landed on the Switch yesterday, we know that this game is actually a standard turn-based JRPG, which only uses cards and desktops as aesthetic choices, not as the main game mechanics.

Of course, there are still some craps, and there is a real card-based mini-game to participate, but the game itself is very rooted in the old turn-based role-playing game. So if you prefer Final Fantasy IV or Dragon Quest, then when it arrives on October 28th, it may be a dunk.

The beauty of the card is very cool at the top, and while you take advantage of the enemy’s weaknesses, it provides a rather unique visual distortion when equipping, leaving the town, and honing experience points. Undead skeletons? I’m afraid it is very weak to holy magic. New sword? Equip it to your big and strong guy. Magician? You can see what is going on. But what about the game itself? From what we saw in the demo, it might be possible to show it without a card.

Just think of it as a fun way to experience a fairly classic game genre. It is different from any major trading card game, not even a new generation of deck games like Slay the Spire or Monster Train. This is just a way to make the traditional JRPG stand out and look cool!

Have you tried the demo? What do you think? It’s only about a month from the release date, so we don’t have to wait a long time to get a deep understanding of the complete game.