Don’t worry, Dying Light 2 won’t take 500 hours to complete after all

How long is a game too long in your opinion? Whether it’s simply completing the main story or getting that elusive platinum trophy, how long are you willing to invest in the game to see a 100% completion rate? Is 500 hours too long? According to a lot of the internet, yes. it is.

Everyone is talking about this conversation thanks to a misleading tweet from developer Techland the other day. It explains that Dying Light 2 will take “at least 500 hours to complete” if you want to see everything the title has to offer (including various dialogue trees, different endings, all collectibles, etc.).

In response to the backlash over the seemingly innocuous tweet, Techland issued another clarification. this time, the developers noted that “Dying Light 2: Remaining is designed for players with different play styles and preferences to explore the world as they see fit” and further reduces completion times. Here’s what it looks like now:

  • 20 hours: Time required to complete the main story
  • 80 hours: Time required to complete the main story and all side quests
  • 500 hours: Maximize the time it takes to play through all side quests, endings, choices, checking everything on the map, finding every collectible, and experiencing every dialogue choice.

The numbers were revised from the company’s previous tweets notice “The average player should have less than 100 hours to complete the story and side quests with a lot of exploration, so don’t worry!”

If you’re excited about the game (whether you want to spend about 20 days in it or not), you might want to check out our 5 Things You Need to Know video explaining more about the game ahead of the release date February 4, 2022. You can also check out the video above.