Doom Slayer debuts Smash Bros Ultimate as Mii Fighter DLC

Nintendo finally did it. With the announcement and release of Sora, the final character of “Smash Bros.”, the ultimate party of “Smash Bros.” is over. Following his announcement, a series of new Mii Fighter costumes will be released with the popular “Kingdom Hearts” protagonist in a few weeks.

Talk about the requested character; Doom Slayer (!!!!!!) is entering Smash through the upcoming Mii Gunner costume. Players can tear up the cast of Smash Ultimate with this incredible space ocean costume.

Splatoon also likes to wear a headgear for any of your Mii characters. One is a wig that makes Mii look like Octoling, and the other hat features everyone’s favorite Turf War cat referee and (now) Judd, one of the two remaining mammals on the planet.

The three final Mii Fighter costumes will be on sale on October 18th, priced at US$0.75 each. That day will also see the release of Sora, he will take his Keyblade to participate in the battle. You can find all the information about his being included in the list here.

What are your thoughts on Smash Ultimate’s last Mii costume? Do you want to play Doomguy to participate in some family-friendly atrocities, or would you rather exercise new Splatoon gear? Let us know in the comments!