Doomfist and Orisa are getting a pretty big rework in Overwatch 2, and two other heroes will change too

this Overwatch 2 The closed PvP beta starts next week, and testers will find that some heroes have been changed, and several have received significant rework.

These heroes are Sombra, Bastion, Doomfist, and Orisa.

For beginners, shadowy The cooldown of her hacking ability has been reduced to eight seconds. She can also now view targets through walls that she can crack for herself or her teammates. She can also hack while using stealth. Her ultimate now deals damage up to 40% of the opponent’s health, while her passive will deal 50% more damage to targets that are slashed.

and fortress You will find that robots are no longer capable of self-healing. Reconfigurations to Bastion will see a switch between the two main combat modes, now with an 8 second duration and a 10 second cooldown. Weapon fire rate reduced by 50%, weapon spread reduced to zero, can move while firing but move slower during this time, weapon now has infinite ammo but 40% reduced damage. The bot can now use grenades that can bounce off walls and stick to enemies and the floor, and he can manually target three different locations to strike anywhere on the map.

Orisa Removed her protective barrier, stop and booster abilities. Fortify now gains 125 temporary health, is slowed by 25% while active, and generates 50% less heat from shots while active. Enhanced Fusion Drives now fire large projectiles that start out bigger and smaller, and it uses thermal mechanics instead of ammo/reload. She can now use a new ability called Energy Javelin, which stuns enemies and knocks them back when used, and is more effective if they hit a wall. She also has a new ability called Javelin Spin, which destroys projectiles, pushes enemies back, and increases forward speed. Her new ultimate, Terra Surge, allows her to sweep enemies and anchor, gain the effect of Fortify and charge up for massive damage. You use the main fire to release the surge early.

As for Doomfist, his change is the most notable as he will transform from a damage hero to a tank and will lose his uppercut ability. His health has been increased to 450, he can now use Energy Block to protect himself from frontal attacks, and when blocking critical damage, it boosts the rocket bash, making it travel faster, farther and increase damage. Another big change is his Earthquake Slam ability, which now fires him in a manner similar to Winston’s jump, and on landing, it deals damage and slows enemies. His ultimate ability, Meteor Strike, adds a slow effect to all enemies hit, reduces external damage to 100-15, and reduces activation time to 0.5 seconds.

Whether there will be more significant changes to other heroes, Blizzard didn’t say, but if you’re an Overwatch player interested in Overwatch 2, you might want to keep an eye on the website for any updates.

The Overwatch 2 closed PvP beta goes live on PC on April 26 and includes 5v5, a new hero Sojourn, four new maps, a new push mode, and a new Ping system.