Dota 2 no longer supports 32-bit systems

Dota 2 will drop support for some old hardware in the next few months, including the old 32-bit operating system.As part of them announcement Regarding the update leading to International 10, Valve stated that they are abandoning some of the old hardware that Dota supports so far. “In order to keep the game and the Source 2 engine fresh, we plan to remove support for some old systems and configurations. There are no changes today, but in the next few months, we will implement the following changes,” Valve said.

These changes include dropping support for Dota on 32-bit systems, macOS versions lower than 10.14, support for DirectX 9 to support DirectX 11, support for OpenGL to support Vulkan, and support for XAudio to support SDL Audio.

“Removing these old technologies will allow us to simplify our development work and use the new features of these APIs to provide a better Dota experience,” Valve said in a statement.