Double Up is a new mode in Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight tactics, Riot Game’s fascinating automatic combat machine is included in the League of Legends client and has been a fan’s favorite mode since its release. Although you can always line up and climb these levels by yourself, TFT is a great mode to play with a group of friends.For those who like to play with friends, the new double The pattern may be the perfect complement.

This is how it works. You and your partner fight against three other two teams instead of an eight-player melee game. Each team shares a life pool and must communicate to build a mutually complementary team combination. If they do not, the couple will die at last.

Double Up also adds some interesting changes to the typical structure of TFT games, including the ability to buy champions and upgrades to your partner panel, and occasionally send them item components or gold as gifts.

The coolest spin in the formula is what happens when you quickly defeat your opponent, which will automatically send your surviving units to your partner’s board to help them.

I spent some time trying Double Up today, and I have to say that its first impression is very good. The cooperation angle that did not exist in TFT before is very suitable for this format, and it is very good to be able to actually convey the strategy as in the standard League of Legends game.

In addition, I can only imagine the specific metadata that will be formed around this pattern. In the next few days, combining the two to make each player perform at their best is definitely something I will specifically consider.

Double Up was released with the 11.23 patch, also known as the 12th season pre-season update, and it is making a comprehensive change to League of Legends. It turns out that this is an exciting time for fans of Riot Game products-a new agent was added to Valorant only yesterday.