‘Dragon Age 4’ enters ‘in the middle of production’, loses executive producer

BioWare provides a small update on development status Dragon Age 4.

according to a post Studio general manager Gary McKay said the game is currently “in production” and the team is now focused on building out its vision for Dragon Age 4.

McKay said the blueprint for the game was finalized last year, and the team is now focused on creating environments, characters, gameplay, impactful writing, emotional films, and more.

The development update also mentioned the departure of the game’s executive producer Christian Dailey, who has been with the studio since 2018. Following Mark Darrah’s departure in 2020, Dailey became the game’s executive producer. McKay noted that there is still a “strong ‘leadership team’ made up of industry and Dragon Age veterans,” leading the team through production and beyond. “

Last week, a report surfaced that the game’s development is progressing well and it’s on track for a release in about 18 months, which would put its release between mid-to-late 2023.

Development on Dragon Age 4 began in 2015, and the game was first released in 2017. The original plan was to drive monetization through additional content, similar to EA’s multiplayer games. The game has since been rebooted internally, with planned multiplayer scrapped to return to the franchise’s usual single-player components.

In 2019, EA said it expects Dragon Age 4 to arrive sometime in 2022 or later, which explains why we rarely see the game other than video teasers and concept art.