Dragon Ball game battle time will return in February next year, with new announcements and more content

Dragon Ball game battle time will return in 2022.

More specifically, it seems that we will have some new scrutiny on Dragon Ball games such as “Dragon: Destroyer” on February 18, 19, and 20 next year.This Announcement tweet Regarding this comeback event, fans have the opportunity to “experience the latest Dragon Ball announcement together.”

official Dragon Ball Game Battle Time Website The following are listed, although there is no announcement about whether this means we will see these Dragon Ball related things:

The Dragon Ball game Battle Hour 2022 trailer promises all the expectations you might have for this event based on previous displays of this kind. It also seems to show a virtual setting similar to Metaverse, allowing players to enjoy the three-day event. Now only time will prove everything.

For more information, please go to Official Dragon Ball Game Battle Time 2022 website Then read the recently announced Dragon Ball: Destroyer, which is a silly asymmetric multiplayer game.Check Game informant After Dragon Ball Fighter Z comments.

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