Dragon Quest III: HD-2D remake and Dragon Quest Keshikeshi revealed

Square Enix has also confirmed that in addition to the new Dragon Quest game announced at The Flames of Fate, Dragon Quest III has information on a remake of HD-2D and a new (free) mobile game by Keshi Keshi. ..

During a recent live stream celebrating the franchise’s 35th anniversary, Square Enix revealed some new experiences within the realm of Dragon Quest. Among them is a remake of the beloved Dragon Quest III. With few details, the company has confirmed the Octopath Traveler-esque experience, and in the next release, it gives players a more classic 2D feel that balances the newness they experience in Dragon Quest XIII: The Flames of Fate.

Also announced in the stream above is Dragon Quest Keshikeshi, a free mobile puzzle game available to both iOS and Android users. This experience is free and offers familiar faces, old enemies, and items that long-time fans will immediately recognize. And you need to erase the graffiti, but you can see a lot of it above.

For those who wish for Dragon Quest 10, Square has also confirmed that, in addition to the offline version of the game that goes top-down, the expansion of Dragon Quest 10, which is currently only in Japan, is also diminishing.

The Dragon Quest franchise is very much loved in Japan, but that doesn’t mean that other parts of the world don’t have much love for this ongoing RPG experience. Various adventures have unfolded, and the western part of the world has slowly but surely caught up with Japan in terms of appreciation for these games. With Square Enix taking risks in the franchise, we want to know more about what’s ahead.

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