Due to the failure of Denuvo DRM, dozens of games could not be played on weekends

This past weekend (October 6th to November 8th), due to Denovo The domain is offline. The power outage affected single player and multiplayer games, which is enough to show that people are unhappy.

If you try to launch a game that uses Denuvo DRM during the weekend (for example, one of them may be the Guardians of the Galaxy recently released by Square Enix), you may have noticed that the game is not working.Both Reset version with steam The community has various threads discussing this issue, and both parts of the gaming community once again complain that Denuvo has ruined their good times.

But why is it so? The Denuvo domain does not appear to be renewed, causing players trying to log in to receive a “server not accessible” error and fall into Denuvo obstacles.

“CET was unable to access the Denuvo domain yesterday afternoon,” the company said in a statement Computer game player, Seems to confirm that the domain problem is the reason behind the outage (but only release a statement after the problem is resolved).

“The problem was resolved after we were notified by the automatic system control. After the fix, there were no restrictions or restrictions on gamers. Denuvo is working hard to implement further improvements to avoid such downtime in the future.”

Other recently released games, such as “Football Manager 2022”, have also been affected by the interruption.

Of course, this is not the first time that DRM has appeared between gamers and their games: Metal Gear Rising’s DRM disables the Mac version of the game, and Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time locks players out of single-player games because Always-Online DRM and Resident Evil Village on PC are also greatly affected by anti-piracy technology.

More and more studios are removing technology from their games-some studios even decided to get rid of Denuvo before their games are released. Well, the mistakes and examples that happened this weekend actually do not convince players that this technology is a good thing.