Duncan Jones wants to make a full speed movie and he needs your help

Warcraft director Duncan Jones is asking fans and followers for help: He wants everyone to drop a note to Walt Disney Studios to let them know he really wants to make a movie based on the classic LucasArts adventure game Full Throttle .

Originally released in 1995, Full Throttle follows the adventures of Ben Throttle, the leader of a cycling gang called the Polecats, who is charged with murder, but not as part of a conspiracy to overthrow the legal ownership of Corley Motors Part of the last American domestic motorcycle manufacturer. Designed and written by Tim Schafer and contributed by Schafer’s LucasArts partner Dave Grossman, it’s widely regarded as one of LucasArts’ best works: we look back on its 25th anniversary and find that, with the help of a 2017 remaster, the tough guy rides Bicycle adventures ‘still a lot of fun’.