Dune 2: Release date, actors and everything we know

Sand dunes part one Finally arrived at the theater and HBO Max, but the suspenseful ending of the first half has made fans eager for a sequel. The only problem is that they have not started production yet, and we are not even sure if they will do so.

Although we don’t know much, we can sort out a few things from the hint that the sequel might be in production.

Will there be Dune 2?

There will probably be one Sand dunes part two, At least based on public statements so far. Director Dennis Villeneuve has said in the past that he is optimistic about the prospects of the sequel.At the same time, when WarnerMedia’s Ann Sanov was asked before the deadline about the second part She said: “Will we have a sequel? dune? If you watch a movie, you will see how it ends. I think you know the answer to this question very well. ”

Another sign of the upcoming sequel might be the performance of a movie. The show made $40 million during the US premiere weekend, ahead of all other Warner Bros. movies released so far this year. This is the film’s revenue of more than 200 million U.S. dollars at the international box office.

When will Dune 2 be released?

There is no way to be sure, but we can get some clues from the production schedule of the first film. dune It was announced in 2017 that the shooting will start in March 2019, and it was originally scheduled to be released in October 2020, which means that there will be nearly 20 months between the shooting and the release.

According to this timetable, if production starts next year, it may not be released until the end of 2023 or early 2024 at the earliest. Of course, the production may be faster this time, but it cannot be determined until we hear the official release date of Warner Bros.

Will Dennis Villeneuve and other actors return to the second part of Dune?

This seems to be the plan.Of course because the second part Filming hasn’t started yet, and it may have to work around its huge cast schedule.Director Denis Villeneuve expressed his excitement to continue telling the story duneAnd may even adjust Stories from other books In a future series.

What is the story of Dune Part 2?

We have an entire article revealing a lot of spoilers about the second half dune If you are looking for a more detailed answer.But if you want to keep the surprise for the movie, then the short version is Sand dunes part two Will cover the second half of Frank Herbert’s original novel.

Sand dunes on HBO Max

Starting on October 21, this epic science fiction legend will be available for free on HBO Max for subscribers.