Dune, Old, Netflix’s Night Teeth and 6 new movies can now be watched at home

This weekend will usher in the highly anticipated premiere of Denis Villeneuve dune Comedy series with Wes Anderson French dispatch, Two starring Timothée Chalamet (Timothée Chalamet) Please call me by your name Fame.Although the distant future sci-fi epic can be streamed On HBO Max This weekend, in addition to the premiere, Anderson’s latest work will only be shown in theaters for the time being.

If you are not ready to venture this weekend, or somehow not be attracted by the prospect of aristocratic fiefdoms in space competing for coveted resources with distorted time and expanded perception, there are still plenty of great new releases at home this weekend Look.Assassin action thriller with Martin Campbell be protected Maggie Q(Nikita) And Samuel L. Jackson, a fantasy family drama Bergman Island Starring Vicky Kriepsold), suspenseful horror drama knocking, And more.

To help you understand the new and available content, here are the movies you can watch this weekend with just the click of a button.


Where to watch: Showed in theaters, can be played on HBO Max

Photo: Warner Bros.

Set at 10,191 years, Blade Runner 2049 Director Denis Villenueve has adapted the famous Frank Herbert (Frank Herbert) sci-fi epic star Timothée Chalamet as the mighty Leto Atredes ( Duke Leto Atreides) son and heir of the Duke (Oscar Isaac), Paul Atreides (Paul Atreides), who was forced to leave the planet where he was born and become the newly appointed steward. A coveted mix of resources. There are sword fights, politics, conspiracy, betrayal, drama, oh-these giant creatures called sandworms burst out of the ground before they can swallow people.Honestly, there is too much to explain dune It can be written in one paragraph, which is why we have put together this handy playboy guide so kindly to explain its vast and peculiar universe. But, enough, let’s discuss the biggest question: should you set aside time for Villeneuve’s latest and unwieldy science fiction event this weekend? From our review,

If you can get lost in the cocoon of rich production, clothing and art design, and sink into the perspective of big events-this is why people go to the movies, isn’t it? ——This movie, the style is Sand Dunes: Part One, Can be overwhelmingly evocative. The problem, however, is the emotional emptiness that prevails in this movie. Villeneuve and his co-author Jon Spaihts (Jon Spaihts) passenger with Prometheus) And Eric Roth, hurriedly completed the character journey and shortened the apparent hero Paul Atreides (wild hair enthusiast Timothy Chalamet). They skipped explaining most of the dense myths in this world, and instead broke down the entire community into condensed versions of other identifiable pop culture figures. (The Freemans became more or less the Tusken attackers; the Beni Jeserites were MacbethWitch. The result of all these simplifications is that the connecting lines that connect all these different elements into a cohesive whole are nowhere to be found. This movie is a gorgeous, shabby tapestry that will untie when you watch it.

Sand dunes on HBO Max

Starting from October 21st, this epic science fiction legend will be available to subscribers on HBO Max for free.

be protected

Watching location: Available for hire for $5.99 Amazon Prime Video, Apple, Hewudu

Maggie Q as the assassin Moody in The Protege

Image: Lionsgate

If you are eager for another exciting assassin operation in the context of 2017 Atomic Blonde, Of 2019 Anna, Or this year Kate, Then be protected It should be in your alley. Starring Maggie Q (Nikita), the film revolves around the story of Anna. Anna is a young killer who was adopted by the legendary assassin Moody (Samuel Jackson) and became his partner and apprentice. When Moody was brutally executed at the request of the cunning businessman Michael Rembrandt (Michael Keaton), Anna started a revenge campaign to uncover the reason why Moody was a target, while defending against Moody’s murderers.although be protected It may sound almost the same as all of the above-mentioned assassin dramas. This movie is in favor of it by the director Martin Campbell in 2006. Royal Casino At the helm. Campbell is a veteran of this type of action movie, so needless to say, if anyone can learn something fresh and exciting from this premise, it is him.


Where to watch: Live broadcast Netflix

The two vampires of Yaga, Blair (Debbie Ryan) and Zoe (Lucy Fry), stand together in a dimly lit room with blood in their mouths

Photo: Netflix

Adam Randall’s vampire horror thriller Yeya Benny (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.), a young college student with a part-time driver, realized that his two young female clients were actually vampires. Through the vampires vs. the Bronx, the movie quickly became collateral, and when they wreaked havoc on unsuspecting victims, Benny was forced to drive the pair. This must be a strange and tempting premise, although it is obviously due to the previous series of vampire movies. From our review,

Sometimes, challenging movies are overrated.Sometimes a slightly trash movie is enough to distract hours of attention, especially if its premise is Blade, hell, And many other blood-sucking B-rated movies; its costumes are from Francis Ford Coppola’s comics Bram Stoker’s Dracula; And its (too short) Megan Fox performance from Jennifer’s body. Yeya Not really original, substantive or scary. But as a vampire thriller that focuses on the quality of the lizard’s brain, Netflix’s latest Halloween product is appreciated for its low demands on the audience.

Bergman Island

Watching location: Available for hire for $6.99 Amazon Prime Video, Apple, Hewudu

Picture: IFC movie

Mia Hansen-Love Bergman IslandAt the center are Chris (Vickie Cripps) and Tony (Tim Rose), the married couple of American filmmakers, who travel to Faroe Island, their creative idol, Igma Bergman’s former home and source of inspiration-spend the summer to draw inspiration from their movies. From the legendary island. Over time, the couple found themselves exploring their own creative journey, as the boundaries between their writing and reality began to merge and blur, thus introspecting their origins as couples and their respective futures. Scrutinize. The trailer looks whimsical, optimistic, and truly charming, Vicky Krieps, especially as a woman standing at the crossroads of her career as a filmmaker and her responsibilities as a mother and spouse.


Watching location: Available for $4.99 Amazon Prime Video, Apple; Vudu 3.99 USD

Molly (Cecilia Milocco) looks up at the ceiling in

Picture: Yellow Veil Picture

The similarities between the premise and Joe Wright do not stop there Woman in the window Meet Edgar Allen Poe Crow, Frida Kempff knocking Following Molly (Cecilia Milocco), who is a survivor of a recent traumatic event, she began to hear strange constant knocks on the door, accompanied by sharp screams, from upstairs in her new apartment From the room. With little help from the authorities or her neighbors, Molly must find out the source behind these strange sounds, if not to save the person trying to contact her, then to maintain her own sanity. From the trailer, knocking This is a disturbing and paranoid thriller with grotesque visual effects, disturbing sound design and outright threatening performances. If you want something scary this weekend, this is definitely a movie worth watching.

Space Jam: A New Legacy

Watching location: Available for hire for $5.99 Amazon Prime Video, Apple, Hewudu

Errors and Duffy in Space Jam 2

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Space Jam: A New Legacy LeBron James plays a fictitious self. He tries to get closer to his son Dom, who is addicted to computer games, but he is teleported to the Serververse of Warner Bros. and is called Al-G-Rhythm’s evil artificial intelligence captive (Don. Chandel). In order to escape, LeBron must gather Looney Toons from all corners of the Warner Bros. franchise, and compete with virtual basketball icons such as Anthony Davis and Klay Thompson in a winner-takes-all basketball game. Rhythm’s Goon Squad competition. From our review,

first Space jam Born from an attempt Sell ​​sneakersIn the dazzling display of corporate dominance, the new Space jam Trying to sell all the products that Warner Bros. has made. Space Jam: A New Legacy Not a real movie-it’s a crash course on vertical integration and brand identity, a marketing slideshow with two hours of play time. Its audience was taken on a whirlwind tour, browsing every Warner IP for different groups of people: Wonder Woman’s Themyscira is suitable for girls and women, matrix For older men, “Harry Potter” is designed for seniors under 40 who don’t read much news, and so on. This is how Hollywood works now. This is the future of blockbusters.


Watching location: Available for hire for $5.99 Amazon Prime Video, Apple, Hewudu

Gael García Bernal as Guy in M. Night Shyamalan's Old

Photo: Universal Pictures

Premise oldDirector M. Night Shyamalan’s latest horror thriller is as scary and crazy as you might expect from the title. After the family vacationed in a tropical resort, when they and other guests of the resort found themselves trapped on a mysterious beach and could not escape, the premise took a dark turn. To make matters worse, their bodies are growing and deteriorating rapidly at an alarming rate, forcing them to find a safe way before their bodies crumble into dust.One of the people trapped on the beach, by subwayAaron Pierre, is a rapper named Mid-sized Sedan. real. From our review,

old Has been marketed and constructed as a thriller-the opening performance is full of fear, and its horror comes from the reduction of its small cast, both psychologically and deathly. But this is also a surprisingly sentimental movie. Although its title and premises focus on adults’ fear of aging and death, Shamaran’s script and stage focus primarily on children. The few scenes in front of the beach were almost entirely from their perspective, because Trent was precocious and smart, chattering to make friends, and his sister Maddox took care of him. The nightmare on the beach is not something that happens to adults, they should know better, but the children, who are only a few steps away from their parents, are pushed into adulthood without any guidance, compressed a lifetime of regret for a moment .