Dune: Spice Wars devs give more info on upcoming strategy game

The unveiling of Dune: Spice Wars was an unexpected treat during The Game Awards 2021. The upcoming game reunites the long-running (and newly relevant) sci-fi property with the genre it helped popularize: 4x strategy.Fans patiently waited for more details about the game, and their wishes came true through the game’s developer FAQ Steam page.

Developer Shiro Games answers some frequently asked questions about the game. It clarifies that Spice Wars is a combination of 4x and real-time strategy elements, including base building. The game was developed from scratch, which means it won’t contain any elements from Shiro’s previous strategy game, Northgard. Maps will also be procedurally generated and showcase various unique features that players can modify.

Shiro Games previously announced two playable factions: House Harkonnen and House Atreides. It plans to add two more factions at launch, and a Fifth House during Early Access. Shiro is staying true to the series first and foremost, noting that houses that appeared in previous Dune games but didn’t appear in the source material, such as the Ordos house, aren’t guaranteed to return in Spice Wars.

Other nuggets include confirmation of multiplayer and plans to add an event at some point in Early Access. Shiro is also open to the idea of ​​adding mod support based on the level of demand.

Dune: Spice Wars is scheduled to launch in PC Early Access sometime this year, but Shiro will be eyeing other platforms after launch, so an eventual console release isn’t ruled out.

be sure to visit Complete FAQ See if your pressing issue has been resolved. If they don’t, don’t despair. Shiro plans to provide additional game updates in the coming months.