Dune: Spice Wars enters Early Access later this month, and the Fremen will be the fourth playable faction

Shiro Games and Funcom have announced that Dune: Spice Wars will enter Early Access at the end of this month, and starting April 26, the planet Arrakis will once again be embroiled in a resource war.

Early Access Dates Announced On Dune: Spice Wars website With the reveal of the fourth playable faction, Fremen. The post shares a quote from Shiro Games CEO Sebastien Videl. He said, “With so many Dune fans in the studio, the excitement I see every day working with this universe is very real, and we want that to be reflected in the game. With all the passion for the source material, and all the With the expertise we’ve built from making Northgard, we can’t wait to get this game into the hands of players.”

As for adding Freeman to Spice Wars, which marks the first time now that Arrakis-natives will be the main playable faction in any Dune strategy game to date. Fremen is led by Liet Kynes, who has a dueling loyalty to her people and to the Emperor as a planetary scientist. Her faction interacts with the harsh deserts of Arrakis more favorably than the hostile houses and smugglers they will contend with. The Fremen can go further across the sand before getting exhausted or attracting a lot of sandworms. They excel at stealth and guerrilla tactics, and can exploit and ally with neutral territories.

Spice Wars isn’t the only game in development at Funcom that uses Dune properties. The publisher is also working with German studio Nukklear on an open-world survival multiplayer game set in the Dune universe.

You can get Dune: Spice Wars, a hybrid 4X and real-time strategy game, in Early Access for PC via Steam later this month.