Dungeons & Dragons Bring Dungeon Crawl to Magic: The Gathering

If you haven’t heard of it, Magic: The Gathering Next month’s set with the theme of Dungeons & Dragons. Exploring one of the most popular D & D settings, The Forgotten Realms, players use the well-named Adventures in the Forgotten Realms to pack the most popular fantasy characters and monsters in game history into their decks. can do.Yes, you can start attacking your opponent with something like Drizzt Do’Urden Or reminiscent of Lolth the Spider Queen.

Of course, alongside these big-name Magic: The Gathering sets, we also need a new mechanic that fits the setting. In a forgotten territory adventure, players can traverse the dungeon with a whole new mechanic. While you may not be able to recreate the experience of moving a desktop environment with your friends, moving these small card dungeons offers many benefits and can be built with a large number of cards in the set. Let’s take a closer look at how the mechanic works here.

It’s not a card in your deck, so you always have access to all three dungeons in the set. As you pass through the dungeon, each room or area you move will carry different rewards. How do you do it? Each time you play a card with the text “Adventure in the Dungeon”, you can move one space. With cards, not only can you press the dungeon to find various treasures along the way, but certain other cards will only be active when you complete the dungeon. It is inevitable that there will be deck archetypes focused on speeding up the dungeon to take advantage of that bonus. Also focused are other archetypes that spend more time completing longer dungeon runs to take advantage of important rewards along the way.

As always, it’s interesting to see how the dungeon crawl mechanic is incorporated into the metagame. Also, when “Adventures in the Forgotten Area” appeared at Magic: The Gathering Arena on July 8, I can’t wait to draft some adventures. Check out the details of the dungeon mechanic on this official website. Are you planning on going to perhaps the most geeky crossover ever? Let us know in the comments!