Dying Light 2 has a hidden fully rideable bicycle

What Dying Light 2 lacks in storytelling it more than makes up for with crunchy first-person action. The open-world survival horror game lets you traverse its city with parkour, a grappling hook, and even a paraglider, but it looks like there might have been another means of locomotion cut late in development: the humble bicycle.

User Taki 7o7 shared their discovery to Reddit and YouTubeand seems to have uncovered the vehicle with the help of a developer menu available for download off NexusMods. The Dying Lightcycle looks fully implemented in-game, but as far as we know there’s no way to acquire it in the course of regular play. It’s unclear why Techland cut the bike, but my guess would be that it clashed too much with the game’s inherent verticality. And you’re not exactly starved for movement options as it is in Dying Light 2.