Dying Light 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch

“Dying Light 2” is about to land on Nintendo Switch. Yes really.

Techland announced that with the help of the power of the cloud, this open-world survival horror game will be able to run on Nintendo’s multi-functional small handheld/home consoles.

Techland’s upcoming games join the ranks of Guardians of the Galaxy, Hitman 3, Control, and Resident Evil 7-all of these games can be played on the console thanks to the cloud’s streaming capabilities .

If you are not sure if your internet connection is strong enough to stream the game, there is a handy note on the Nintendo store that says that you will be able to “download a free launcher app to test the game for a limited amount of time” once the game is played Released in February 2022. This will enable you to determine whether you have the right bandwidth to play large games on the console.

Maybe if you pick up the Nintendo Switch OLED, you will play Dying Light 2 on a handheld device better; after all, it comes with a built-in LAN port.

If you prefer games that actually run on hardware, you may prefer to play Dying Light Platinum Edition. The game is about to land on Nintendo Switch, which is a real port. The game has all four main DLCs, 17 skin packs, and features touch screen support, gyroscope aiming, motion control, HR rumble and more.

The physical version comes with a Switch game card with Dying Light, a survival guide containing the most important tips and tricks, a double-sided map and unique stickers.

“Dying Light 2: Remaining People” will be released on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on February 4, 2022.