Dying Light 2 Live Stream: Watch with Game Informer

Dying Light 2 may have been released in 2018, but the industry focused on demoing the game the following year. Developer Techland’s open world zombie title surprised people with a deep, choice-filled world promise against the backdrop of apocalyptic beauty. But then silence and scandals struck the studio, Dying Light 2 disappeared into Ether, and fans were asking for all sorts of information about the sequel to their favorite titles.

But today is a new day for those who are excited about this ambitious title. Techland is taking a pre-E3 digital stage (pre-E3? Is this part of E3? Who knows?) And is showing Dying Light 2 live. The Polish developers were relatively moms about what we see today, but ultimately more substantive about what they will play when they finally get the game. I hope you can see it in a different way.

I don’t know what Techland will display, but Game Informer will tell you who is watching with you. Join zombie enthusiasts Liana Ruppert and Alex Stadnik to react live to all the big news, reveal and get whatever Techland has.

Live stream to CT at 1:50 pm at the pre-show to discuss our hopes and dreams for Dying Light 2. Please join us. For those who haven’t heard of it, we’ve made an exciting switch to exclusive streaming on Twitch, creating a better live stream experience for great viewers.

For more information on Dying Light 2, check out Techland’s recent update video featuring information about map size and story, and watch the 2019 demo that has blown the level of game hype into the stratosphere!