Dying Light 2 patch adds extra video settings, fixes crashes, stability, black screen, and more

Techland has released the latest patch Dying Light 2which fixes many issues on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, as well as other video settings.

On PlayStation and Xbox, the disconnect issue in co-op has been resolved as promised, also in co-op the AI ​​is no longer immortal and players will no longer be stuck in an infinite loop after a co-op session.

Various balance improvements have been made, a rare issue with companions not seeing dialogue options in co-op mode has been fixed, you should no longer encounter infinite loading screens, and an issue with selling valuables to vendors has been fixed.

PC users will find various improvements to the key binding options, notably the walk toggle option and the toggle between toggle and hold aim.

On all platforms, additional motion blur and distance blur settings have been added, and numerous crashes and stability issues have been fixed.

You can view the list of fixes for each platform below.

Dying Light 2 was released last week on February 4th and has already seen over 3 million unique players join it.

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