Dying Light 2 Weapon Durability Return

Techland revealed more details about its weapon design method in the upcoming game Fading light 2In the new episode of the development diary series Dying 2 Know, the developers talked about some new and returning mechanisms in the sequel.

Anyone who has played the original game knows that the durability of weapons is an important factor in combat. Weapons have different durability statistics, depending on their quality, and are often damaged after prolonged use. You can fix them, but the game usually encourages holding more than one weapon at a time so that you can switch between them quickly.

Producer Szymon Strauss explained that Techland is bringing back this mechanism for “Dying Light 2,” although the developers hope that players can make more use of verticality and environmental traps this time. Speaking of, although the game does not have firearms, there are some fixed cannons that can be fired.

The video only shows their concept art, but it sounds like they are intended to be used in limited situations, not something you can destroy.

Interestingly, although the weapons in Dying Light 2 are almost exclusively melee combat, their design has changed dramatically from the first game. Where you can usually find common items such as knives and scimitars, the sequel takes place 20 years after the end of the world, so people have basically returned to the Middle Ages by designing elaborate weapons composed of different random components.

“Dying Light 2” was recently postponed to 2022. The game will now be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S on February 4.