Dying Light: Hellraid gets new story content

Dying Light 2 Stay Human has been around for a long time. Choice-based gameplay footage was removed last month to satisfy fandom’s long-standing thirst for parkour to defeat zombies. Players who are still jumping into the first game will get more content. The Dying Light: Hellraid DLC adds a new story mode and a number of additional features.

Dying Light: Hellraid unfolds a world of dark fantasy, a weapon that relies on medieval blades. A new story mode called The Prisoner is a free update that you can experience solo or in collaboration. Players step into the devil-infested Temple of Barr, find a powerful wizard named Lucius, and free him from the evil hands in the shadows. You can explore new places and new skeleton-type enemies equipped with huge shields will interfere with your journey to freedom. Gameplay trailers are reminiscent of The Elder Scrolls and may be an exciting new experience for Western RPG enthusiasts who are eager to play something new.

Two new weapons are added to your inventory. Bonecrucher with a Corrupted Justice bow and a two-handed hammer. Dying Light: Hellraid’s Raid Mode is back, but only available after the story prologue is complete. In addition, several technical and quality of life updates will be implemented to streamline the experience and make it visually appealing. These features include in-game animation improvements, minimap functionality, inventory management, and more, which you can read on the Steam page for patch notes.

The latest Dying Light: Hellraid content is available today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can also access the entire franchise DLC package from Dying Light: Platinum Edition.

Would you like to return to Hellraid? Is this even more exciting for Techland to plan for a sequel to Dying Light?