Dying Light-Replay-Game Informer

In the early 2010s, it was not possible to browse the game shelf without seeing a large number of zombie titles. From a pair of plants. The industry has been flooded with undead like never before, including Zombies to Call of Duty to The Last of Us. Some people were fed up with the trends, but some of them were outstanding, Dying Light.

Developer Techland has captivated players not only by recreating zombie-killing mechanics such as Left 4 Dead, but also by taking inspiration from another type of first-person shooter. Dying Light combines the fun of parkour action from titles such as Mirrors Edge to set its speed-running hero in a terrifyingly beautiful open world. Fans can bounce from roof to roof and dodge the undead in an energetic way, which is still rooted in players today.

Dying Light is undoubtedly a fan favorite, and with the finalization of this year’s sequel, Techland’s zombie series has never been more hype.Based on that, we Game informer We hope to have fun together in this week’s replay episode. Fly around Harran and slash the sneaky inhabitants of Dying Light in style with Andrew Reiner, Marcus Stewart, Brian Shea and Alex Stadnick.

We’ll be performing exclusively on Twitch at 2pm CST, so be sure to join us in the chat, laugh at our jokes (laugh) and end the week in the right way. Now you know what you are thinking. Where is Super Replay? Before the next big match with Bloodborne, I had to take a week off to give Dantuck a break. But if you can’t wait to get back to the classic FromSoftware title, check out the archives of all past streams.

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