E3 2021 Forecasts and Wishes

E3 has always been the biggest event in video games, and despite the pandemic influence that Expo is a completely digital showcase, we’re more excited than ever. Not only will the beloved trade show get a lot of attention over the next few weeks, but so will the independent Summer Game Fest hosted by the organizer. Game awards Creator, Geoff Keighley. With the pandemic, the industry has entered an unprecedented year for game development, and we don’t know what to expect from the announcement.

Will the number of games increase more than usual? Did the pandemic cause even more delayed games than we already know? The game announcements and news will continue for two weeks, starting with the Summer Game Fest on June 8th.

We brought together a few Game Informer editors to discuss the game and hardware announcements we might see. The contents announced by the staff are as follows.