E3 2022 canceled entirely, including numbers

This year’s E3 has been completely canceled, IGN The report further confirms VentureBeat.

in a statement VentureBeatthe Entertainment Software Association, which organizes E3, said:

“We previously announced that due to the ongoing health risks surrounding COVID-19, E3 will not be held in person in 2022. Today, we are announcing that there will also be no digital E3 showcases in 2022.”

ESA announced in January that there would be no physical meetings, but an online-only version is still possible.When did the news break out today? IGNRebekah Valentine of Razor confirmed the content of an email sent to Razor PR head Will Powers, who tweet It says digital E3 is no longer happening either. These emails appear to have been sent to all ESA partners prior to the announcement.

There has been no in-person E3 since 2019. The 2020 show was also canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the 2021 iteration is an online event consisting of trailers and media digital booths. However, many publishers have either refused to attend or showed up at Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Festival, making E3 2021 shallow disappointment To fans and media.

This may be due to ESA also telling the reception of the 2021 show VentureBeat It plans to “revitalize” E3 in 2023, making it “a reinvigorated showcase celebrating new and exciting video game and industry innovations.”

[Source: IGN, VentureBeat]