E3 2022 is canceled, but Geoff Keighley will still run ads

This This – The company behind Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3 – Officially canceled its digital-only event this year after canceling the live event in January. result? There won’t be any kind of E3 in 2022.

But the event won’t last long (in theory). ESA plans to revive the show next year in a new, updated format — as an in-person and online event — that will hopefully address complaints that E3 has become somewhat stale over the years.

Entertainment Software Association in a IGN.

“Whether enjoyed on the show floor or on your favorite device, the 2023 Showcase will bring the community, media and industry back together in a new format and interactive experience. We look forward to presenting E3 live in Los Angeles to fans around the world Los Angeles in 2023.”

While you may hear sighs of relief from news writers around the world, gamers needn’t worry — there are still plans to put a slew of sizzling world premieres in your eye around the same time.

After announcing the demise of E3 2022, perpetual jacket-wearing superhost Geoff Keighley announced that Summer Game Fest is returning to fill the gaming ad-shaped void in your life.

“I’m excited to share that the Summer Games Festival will be back this June with a host of events,” noted Keighley in a tweet“We’ll be making another Kickoff Live show with announcements, news and debuts. More to be shared in the coming weeks, as well as some really cool new elements from 22 years.”

2021, Summer Games Festival is a month-long show that includes reveals, livestreams, interviews, and more, all headlined by a live kick-off show that hosts over 30 reveals and announcements.

Given that Keighley won’t be competing for the spotlight with—effectively—anyone else, expect the spectacle to be even more spectacular this time around.