EA blames Halo Infinite and COVID-19 in part for Battlefield 2042 reception

EA blames disappointing launch Battlefield 2042 Partly on Halo Infinite and COVID-19.

This is based on Report from XFire It noted that during an internal town hall-style meeting, EA said the game did not perform as expected.

During the meeting, EA chief studio officer Laura Miele and other executives at the company discussed Battlefield 2042’s launch woes, the report notes.

During the conference, Miele said that Halo Infinite’s “surprise” multiplayer launch four days before Battlefield 2042’s release was taking a toll on the game. Although the game received a good “early critical reception”.

COVID-19 is also partly to blame. Working in a home environment, the team “eventually encountered more new variables in development” than before the pandemic.

Miele also admitted that despite the innovative and ambitious nature of the project, such as moving the game to the new Frostbite engine, “it’s very important to admit it” when things go wrong, “which was definitely the case when Battlefield launched,” and “failed to. Meet the expectations of the players,” and “obviously missed” EA’s expectations.

Released on November 19 (or November 12, if you have early access), DICE focused on the game’s myriad problems, revealing that the start of the first season has been pushed back to sometime in early summer rather than expected date of March.

Due to various issues with the game, players started leaving in droves early on — at least on Steam. But there are also reports that only 43% of Xbox players have reached level 15, and only 22% have reached level 25. Things seem to be a little better on the PlayStation, with 36% of players unlocking level 25 trophies.

Some players got fed up with the game and even started a petition asking EA to offer players a refund no matter how long it took them.

Even David Goldfarb, who was the lead designer and writer on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, discussed the current state of the game, responding to the many complaints from the community.

In our review, Sharif said that while he hopes 2042 will be a more interesting Battlefield game at some point, after a rough release of varying degrees of the series, he said he may not have “the stamina to perform the reason.” Blame DICE for technical issues and missing features, but turn around and celebrate a year later when the game is inevitably ‘good now, actually’.”