EA Hires Former Call of Duty General Manager to Lead the Battlefield Franchise

By Dom Pepiat
June 3, 2021 09:35 GMT

Byron Bead Former Call of Duty General Manager, Veteran Developer, battlefield In the series EA..

EA announced yesterday that Bead’s appointment to senior positions “shows a strategic and long-term commitment to franchise growth” (thanks, IGN).

Beede has extensive experience working in similar big games. Call of Duty and Destiny are heading his CV, and it’s no wonder his experience in launching the live service model for the series is needed in this new role.

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Beede has expanded his role within EA, including leading DICE LA, under the direct control of Respawn’s founder Vince Zampella.

We already know that EA is working hard for the next Battlefield game (still called Battlefield 6 among fans), which it aims to launch on PC and consoles for both generations later this year. I am.

Publishers have sought support from Battlefield 6 from many studios, including Criterion, and are quickly becoming an important title in their portfolio.

The appointment of Beads makes sense in a world where Call of Duty War Zones are exploding in popularity. EA probably believes that Activision’s live service Battle Royale has attracted more than 100 million players and wants some of its lucrative market share for them.

To that end, EA Los Angeles was drafted to assist the next shooter and is primarily responsible for the live service aspect. Given that Beede also missed the launch of Call of Duty Mobile, it’s no wonder EA wants to leverage his expertise to support the Battlefield mobile game coming in 2022.

For Battlefield fans, the future certainly looks bright. We hope that EA will meet the high expectations of the game. Fans can see what’s coming this year with the release of Battlefield 6 next week.

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