EA is considering free-to-play Battlefield 2042 after disappointing sales – report

Things are clearly not going well Battlefield 2042 Developer Dice. According to an update from an insider, game publisher EA appears to be interested in exploring the free-to-play path.

As we all know, Battlefield 2042 didn’t become the hit game EA expected. Although DICE continues to improve the technical state of the game through patches, the content is still lacking compared to previous games. Battlefield 2042 also disappointed many players and led to a massive exodus, and the game often had lower player counts on Steam than Battlefield 5 or even Battlefield 1.

DICE’s first comment in the new year did not address any outstanding design issues, nor did it discuss future content/roadmap. According to new details from insider Tom Henderson, this appears to be due to a lack of internal clarity on where the game is headed.

In a new video discussing the status of DICE, Henderson claims that EA is exploring the possibility of making a component free to play. While it’s unclear which sections qualify, consider pointing to portals or danger zones. According to the report, the former is more likely, as Hazard Zone only attracts a few hundred players per day, so it won’t make the best impression/convert players into a full game.

As Henderson said, EA’s earnings call isn’t too far away. Taking place on February 1st, the publisher will likely share more information about the game’s financial performance and what changes, if any, are being made to correct the ship.