‘EA was a little freaked out’: the making of Dead Space

Looking at early footage of the recent remake of Dead Space, what’s most striking is how similar it looks to the 13-year-old original. Sure, it’s brighter and brighter, and your plasma cutters now send the flesh of the Necromorphs flying like porridge in the wind, but overall it’s a look at the masterpiece of the first game.

As gamers start derusting their Ripper blades and lubricating their Line Guns with WD-40 in preparation for the remake, I’m with the developers of the original Dead Space to review how they’ve brought together a one-of-a-kind timeless classic. When Dead Space creator and general manager of Visceral Games Glen Schofield proposed a sci-fi horror game to EA, he said, “EA was kind of freaked out because it’s something they haven’t done since System Shock. “