Early access release of Blood Bowl 3 has been postponed

Although the full version of the football super violent strategy game “Blood Bowl 3” will not be released until February 2022, the early access version has been announced this month. It has now been postponed.As explained by Cyanide Studio’s Blood Bowl 3 team Twitter, “The closed beta in June last year and all your feedback were very helpful in identifying and focusing on key improvements. When we announced the early access on PC in September 2021, we seemed a little too optimistic.”

The original release date of Blood Bowl 3 was 2020, then it was postponed to 2021, and it was basically eliminated as often as any inflatable pig bladder. “Our main concern is the quality of the gaming experience we will provide when the game is released,” Cyanide continued, “We hope to spend enough time to achieve these quality goals. That’s why we must announce the delay of early access on PC.