EarthBound will not be added in the May update of Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online will boast over 100 classic games starting May 26th.I didn’t add Nintendo EarthBound And Super Mario RPG There are benefits, as some fans have long wanted. Two games will be on the state side for the first time. A color matching puzzle game will be released in the May update Magical Drop 2 And old-fashioned platformers Ninja Jajamaru-kun For Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

Two games will be added along with the other three games — The quest for spanky, Super Baseball Simulator 1.000,and Caveman Ninja (alias Joe & Mac). — — The total number of Switch Online classic games is 104. This number includes both Nintendo Entertainment System and Nintendo Switch Super NES games.

While some might say that offering a treasure trove of such games at a relatively affordable subscription price for Nintendo Switch Online is generous to Nintendo, many fans are still of those special gems. Some are withheld.

Both cult hits EarthBound And fan favorites Super Mario RPG Included as part of the Super NES Classic Edition library (and Nintendo’s virtual console service), these games haven’t got a Switch release. Some wanted to choose to release something special when Nintendo crossed the 100-game threshold.