Earthworm Jim 2 and more games will switch online in March update

Shut it down and make it before the buzzer, Nintendo has released a March update for games added to the Nintendo Switch online service.

Earlier this month, F-Zero X was added to the Nintendo 64 game as well as three Sega Genesis titles, and three more games are now available in the NES and SNES libraries. If you’re a Switch Online subscriber, here’s what you can load and play right now.

Earthworm Jim 2 – SNES

“In this wild platformer released in 1995 for the Super NES™ console, you’ll don your super suit and play the role of Jim, an annelid animal with attitude!”

This marks the first Earthworm Jim game to be added to the Nintendo Switch online service, and the only SNES addition this month. If you’re looking for a crazy comedy platformer with a ’90s vibe, Earthworm Jim 2 is for you.

Dig Dig II – NES

“DIG DUG decides to go on vacation to a remote island, but POOKA and FYGAR won’t give him a chance to rest! In each round, clear enemies by inflating them until they explode or dig traps for them to fall in. But be careful, don’t Get too close to their attack or fall into your own trap!

Dig Dug II deviates from the classic arcade gameplay of the original. You still have the ability to inflate the enemy, but your goal now is to strategically destroy parts of the island to eliminate the enemy. The NES version of the Dig Dig II was originally released in 1989.

Mappy–Land – NES

“MAPPY, the police rat, has prepared all kinds of wonderful gifts for MAPICO and MAPPY Jr.. But NYAMCO, the big cheese of the feline world, has ordered his clowder ‘MEOWKIES’ to hide gifts all over MAPPYLAND.”

The sequel to Namco’s arcade classic Mappy was released on the NES in Japan in 1986, and North America received a localized version in 1989. Mappy–Land reappeared for purchase on the Wii U Virtual Console in 2015.

Are you planning to delve into these classic games? Let us know which games you enjoyed playing in the comments below!