Eberron creator Keith Baker revealed his next project on PAX Unplugged

PAX unpluggedThe Upstart Table Games Conference will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia from December 10th to 12th this year. Polygon exclusively revealed that the complete timetable will be launched at 7 am on Friday, November 5th, Pacific Daylight Time, as well as details of some panels that should not be missed.

Unlike the Gen Con Games held in Indianapolis this year, everyone participating in PAX Unplugged must show proof of vaccination. A PAX spokesperson told Polygon that it included “employees, law enforcement officers and exhibitors.”

The spokesperson said in an e-mail: “This is a step up from the success of PAX West, because the recent negative test will no longer meet the requirements-only a complete vaccination series can meet the requirements.” They added, A face mask is also needed.You can find more details in the following locations Official website.

Highlights of this year’s conference include:

  • A special speech by Keith Baker, creator of the popular Eberron environment in Dungeons and Dragons. He will review his work and some detailed information on “current and future projects” in a panel discussion at 11:30 AM Eastern Time on December 10th.
  • Baker will also participate in the “Shared Sandbox: Created in an established RPG setting” event at 4:30 PM Eastern Time on December 10th. He will discuss creating content for the Dungeon Lord Guild with Rebecca Gray, Stephen Myers, Jarrod Taylor, Jessica Marcrum, and LaTia Jacquise.
  • Shut up and sit downThe first live podcast in two years. Join Tom Brewster, Ava Foxtrot, Matt Lees, and Quintin Smith again on December 10th at 2pm EST and December 12th to have fun together.
  • Finally, don’t miss the season finale Opponents of Deepwater City, Which will record the end of season 11 at PAX Unplugged. Dungeon masters Brian Gray and Eugenio Vargas will test Tanya DePass, Latia Jacquise, Masood Haque and Shareef Jackson.