Echoes of the End is a narrative adventure set in a unique fantasy world.

Sheriff Sayed
June 11, 2021 12:42 GMT

Echoes of the End is an action-adventure by a new Icelandic team.

Myrkur Games revealed today Echoes at the end The studio’s first ambitious project, unveiled in partnership with Prime Matter. For PC and console development, Echoes of the End is set in the original fantasy world.

A third-person action-adventure that pursues Rin, who has the ability to manipulate matter. Lynn was forced to abandon her previous life as a ruthless fighter for the crown and now attacks herself, forms a new alliance, and another aspect of the world she thought she knew. I have to confront.

Despite the small size of the developers, behind the game there was impressive technology, especially in performance capture, which was glimpsed at the preview event. Myrkur Games wants to seamlessly integrate fidelity cinematics with gameplay. Gameplay features exploration, puzzle solving, and small battles.

Many of the games remain unfinished – Echoes of the End may not be the final name, but it looks promising. Echoes of the End has no release date yet.

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