Edgar Wright of Soho didn’t want to give you homework last night-but he will

Edgar Wright’s new horror thriller Last night in Soho Full of visual references.Movie fans may recognize Roman Polanski’s shots Repel This is the color scheme of Dario Argento suspicious There. He likes Rita Tushingham in Tony Richardson’s 1961 play The smell of honey So much, he treats her as a grandmother Soho. In 1961, he admired the Parisian cafe West Jungle, So he recreated it as a prominent set of SohoKey scenes.His list of movie inspirations is Long and thoroughThey also extend to music—he said that the entire movie started with a series of impressions of the playlist he curated from his parents’ records in the 1960s.

But he wants the audience to understand that they don’t need to know this to watch this movie. This movie plays Thomasin McKenzie as a shy London Fashion School student. Her vision connects her with the stage star of the 1960s (Anya Taylor-Joy). And her disturbing new lover (ex Doctor Who Star Matt Smith).Before the movie was released, the screenwriter and director Sean VS.die, Hot Blood Detective, Baby driver, Scott Pilgrim Vs.world, There are more indelible reference movies that tell Polygon the horror roots and inspirations of this movie, the huge movie playlist he gave the actors to consider as inspiration, and why he didn’t want to play as the director of Stanley Kubrick game.

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A lot about regardless Last night in Soho Should be considered a giallo movie. Are you involved in the debate, or how is it classified?

Edgar Wright: I mean, I like giallo’s movies, of course they are an influence. But in a strange way, I found myself backtracking to find the source of the influence of those movies. The movies I’m looking for for this movie are those that have influenced the great giallo movies, dating back to British directors like Alfred Hitchcock and Michael Powell and Emery Pressberg.

I will not deny the impact Crimson or Crystal feather birdBecause I like those movies. But I am very interested in the influence of these directors. Black daffodil Not a giallo movie, but there are many elements in it Black daffodil This obviously inspired the giallo movie. The best thing I like about these movies is how they become expressionistic and opera, and may slowly burn from one thing to another.Ending thoughts Last night in Soho Opera horror has always been my destination.

Thomasin McKenzie once said that when you took her to a movie, you gave her a playlist of about 50 movies for her to watch——

I would say this-I always say this. I gave each of the actors and staff a center, and then said, “Watch what you want, or not!” But the two most diligent people are Thomasin and Odile Dicks-Mireaux, my costume design Teacher, I think they have all seen it. But I never told her that she must watch all 50! She is just a very hardworking young lady.

What do you want your actors and crew members to get from the list?

Well, they are not all horror movies! In fact, more than half of them are dramas from the 1960s, as well as some documentaries. I point different people to different things. For example, for Matt and Anya, I think it would be interesting to show them the movies at the time, because the screen performances were different at that time.So I asked Anya to watch John Schlesinger’s darling, Or a movie like this [Edmond T. Gréville’s] Beat the girl.

I think all of them, Matt, Anya and Thomasin, have seen Ken Lodge’s Poor cowNot just because of Terence Stamp [who has a significant role in Last Night in Soho] inside.It’s also interesting to compare movies like this darling The work of Ken Russell.Because things like this are fun Poor cow, Even in the documentary, you see the reality of the 1960s, not the movie version of the 1960s. In the movies of the 1960s, you obviously have a costume designer, and your style may be slightly improved. But sometimes when you watch a documentary or even a low-cost novel movie, you get real, ready-made costumes.There is a movie called The Secret of the Pinwheel Girl, With Pauline Collins. This is not the best movie ever. This is a very exploitative moral drama. But because it was a fairly cheap movie, it felt very accurate in terms of the actual clothing at the time.

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You have talked about how this movie started with your own 1960s music playlist, and then there is this movie list. Does your work have a curatorial aspect? Do you want to use this kind of music or these movies to attract people? Does this reflect more of what you like?

I think it’s both!It’s interesting to do news for this movie, I wrote more lists [for cultural outlets] More than ever. For the next movie I make, I won’t write any lists.

I think that when it comes to working with staff, I just default to being completely transparent. Many directors have the idea that they should become some kind of dark and mysterious director, never telling their staff what happened, and saying, “This is my method. No one should know what I’m doing. “You’ve heard too many stories about people trying to be the next Stanley Kubrick and shutting out other staff. I will not mention any names, but I will go the opposite way. I would say to my actors and staff—especially working with our staff who produced a large number of 60s scenes—”I will give you as much listening, watching, reading, and watching as you can Yes, but it’s not a must. If you want to learn more about something, it’s fun.”

I have the same feeling about movies. Sometimes people ask me, “What movie should I watch first? Last night in Soho? You don’t need to watch any movies before watching! If this movie is the first movie you have ever seen, it should work. [Laughs] Imagine if Last night in Soho It is the first movie you have ever seen. But it should work on its own terms. All other things are just, for example, further reading, “If you like this, listen to this.” I made a playlist for the theater, “Here are some things that make you happy. This is a playlist, if the theater I want to play this in the auditorium before the movie is shown. These songs did not appear in the movie, but they all appeared at the right time, like a mood regulator.” But I don’t want to assign homework to anyone! This is just further reading.

But I do want to find that man’s first movie Last night in Soho. must have Someone there.

However, they may have to be very young.

Yes. If they have irresponsible parents, they can get away with it.

Polygon will get more from Edgar Wright next week because he will take us through the process of shooting one of them Last night in SohoThe most complex and fascinating scene.