eFootball’s first major content update postponed to spring

Konami Electronic football The launch has exploded on the launch pad, and now, if possible, the situation will be worse.

The title update adds the main game modes of the former Pro Evolution Soccer, such as the Master League and Becoming a Legend, which will not be released until the spring of 2022. Konami Said Friday morning. Assuming it is March, Electronic footballIn the first six months, the transition to free-to-play games will be trapped in a game mode that is more suitable for demos and a barebones roster of only nine teams.

“We have been working hard to release updates to bring new content to the game,” Konami said, “including a new mode in which you can enhance and play with the original team.” This update was originally scheduled to be released on November 11th. .

“Unfortunately, we came to the conclusion that more time is needed to deliver products that meet the quality expectations of users,” Konami said. At the same time, the title update 0.9.1 was launched on Friday, “To fix a large number of errors in order on each platform.

“We will continue to improve and update our games,” Konami promised.

The months-long delay also means that Konami is canceling reservations for one of the following few premium products Electronic footballNew format. Konami said that anyone who bought the 2022 Premium Player Pack “including items that can only be used in the game after the update” will receive a refund. No action is required on these customers’ parts, “but please be aware that this may take time.”

In other words, anyone who pre-orders the package must re-download the entire game (unless they purchased it through Steam).This means that PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, or Windows PC go through a channel other than Steam, where Electronic football became The worst game ever rated by players One day after launch.

“We apologize for the inconvenience,” Konami said (the term was used for the third time in Friday’s statement). “Please note that this should not affect existing game data as long as you use the same account.”

There is no better visual metaphor Electronic football.
Picture: Konami Digital Entertainment / Konami Through steam

Pro Evolution Soccer/eFootball is one of the few video game series developed by Konami five years after parting ways with Hideo Kojima, closing its catalog and focusing on pinball machines. The company changed the name of PES to “eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020“In 2019, skip the second year to reinvent the game, and plan to release free games in multiple stages Electronic football Start on September 30, 2021.

PES’s larger and more popular mode, Master League and Become a Legend, was supposed to be launched later this fall. (That is, maybe; Konami’s content roadmap provided in July vaguely stated that two unnamed modes will be available in the fall.) Of course, these are likely to be sold as optional DLC, and the basic free mode is one -Turn off matches and online multiplayer games.

Electronic football Launched on September 30th, with swamps, unresponsive controls, dazzling visual glitches, and cutscenes featuring disfigured players.On Steam, it has A total of 22,958 comments, of which 20,220 are negative. It’s poorly conceived retrofits and hasty, faulty, and failed releases similar to The demise of NBA Elite 11 More than ten years ago, a landmark disaster effectively destroyed the series as a console game.