Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising comes to PC in early May

For fans of the old Suikoden collection, last year’s reveal Chronicles of Eiyuden: Hundred Heroes Big news indeed. The 2023 JRPG will be the spiritual successor to the classic PS1 era series, bringing a vibrant mix of 2D and 3D JRPG tropes to modern platforms. But if JRPGs aren’t to your taste, and Metroidvanias aren’t to your taste, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, a spinoff of Hundred Heroes, might be more appealing. That smaller game now has a release date: May 10.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is an action RPG on a 2D plane, so expect lots of deft swordplay and lots of twisty exploration. But what really makes it stand out is the town-building element.Henry Stockdale hit an early build The mix of genres seemed to be working well for the last month. “Town building in JRPGs is often a side dish overshadowed by the story or combat system,” Henry wrote, “but Rising blows it up as a proper first dish.”