El Paso, Elsewhere is a slow-motion shooter inspired by Max Payne

From time to time, game trailers can get your attention for their style.of course El Paso and others, Next game From Strange scaffoldingManufacturer Dog-run airport for aliens And Spacewar Road Organ Trading Simulator..

El Paso and others Is a love letter to Max Payne with slow motion dive and gun play. The twist is that all the actions take place in a mysterious motel that suddenly gained 46 new floors, all of which are full of vampires and werewolves. Fortunately, the protagonist has a stake of Morotov (of course full of torch) and other tools to fight the undead.

It’s also an interesting trend, a game that has taken a lot from the early game era. The graphics in the PlayStation era are properly retro, so you can spend time in the sun again.

El Paso and others Set for the 2022 release.

[Disclosure: Developer Xalavier Nelson Jr. is a regular contributor to Polygon.]