Elden Ring: 15 minutes of gameplay showing open world crossing, boss battles, etc.

FromSoftware has released a 15-minute Elden Ring gameplay, which includes some open world crossings, soul-like battles, a large number of deaths and some dungeons waiting for players in “The Land between”.

When browsing the world of Elden Ring, the entire display emphasizes the player’s choice. Unlike previous FromSoftware games that are closer to open, interconnected areas than a completely open world, the world of Elden Ring is completely open, allowing players to solve their goals in the way they see fit.

Maybe you open the gate and continue through the castle? Maybe you are worried that a secret archer might snipe you when you pass through the gate, so you chose a side road? The choice seems to be yours, which seems to be a theme of Elden Ring-do what you want, when you want it.

Now, this is not to say that Elden Ring makes it easy for you to do this. Something tells us that the game will have its own way of telling players “no, not yet”, but now only time will prove everything. In fact, Elden Ring has a beacon that seems to push the player in the suggested direction, but as the game display narration points out, the player does not have to choose to follow it.

Choosing not to follow it may make the player fight against the giant fire-breathing dragon that falls from the sky. We also learned about some of the many NPCs we will encounter in The Land Between, including Iron Fist aka Big Pot Boy (it is an NPC that looks like a big pot with arms).

Perhaps the most surprising revelation in the video, FromSoftware shows a map of Elden Rings, which is new to the FromSoftware formula. Players can even set beacons as waypoints to help them navigate between land. We also re-examined the soul of Elden Ring, which appears to be a summonable ally, as well as an online cooperative game. Here, we accepted some stealths more like Sekiro, which can be used to sneak around the world.

Elsewhere in the video, we witnessed the battle between playable characters and giant bosses wielding a golden axe, which has played an important role in the marketing of Elden Ring so far. That Boss doesn’t seem to be joking either—it seems to have multiple stages, fire magic, large-scale jump attacks, and so on.

It is safe to say that when Elden Ring was released on February 25, 2022, we just thought we had to fight this boss, and our armored boots were trembling.

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