Elden Ring Boss Guide: How to defeat Margit the Fallen Omen

I defeated Margit of the Fallen Omen in the first attempt…in the cooperative mode. With two players, we can easily distract him, stay away from the range of his huge magic axe, and cut him down with powerful magic when he turns around. what! He spoke hard, but he fell down like a fool. I confidently went back to fight Margit the Fell alone… and was defeated at least a dozen times.

I was very tired and didn’t really focus on learning and reacting to Margit the Fell’s moves. Like many soul bosses, Margit needs that kind of mastery.He is fast, strong in attack, and has a lot of moves that can hit you at close range with Long distance. You will never be safe in this battle, and the window for a sneak attack is very small. This is an exciting and uphill battle.