Elden Ring Dectus Medallion Locations

Looking for a Dectus Medal in two halves in the Elden Ring? After defeating Godric the Grafted in Stormveil Castle, you have a lot of options as to where to go. If you want to visit Raya Lucaria College, you will need a Glintstone key. Likewise, if you want to travel to the Altus Plateau and the royal capital of Leyndell, you will need the Dectus Medallion to unlock Dectus’s Grand Lift.

It’s a soul game, and of course, it’s not easy. The problem is that this medallion is in two parts and they are in two very different areas. In this guide, we’ll give you the locations on either side of the Elden Ring Dectus Medallion for quick access to the land’s glorious capital.

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Elden Ring Dectus Medallion Location

This The first half of the medal can be found in a chest in Heitburg, the southernmost part of East Lyngrave. Travel through the misty forest, all the way to the fort and kill the commander. Go straight along the battlements, climb the tallest tower, and find the half medal in the chest.The item description in the first half of the medal indicates what you should be looking for Farosburg in the second half at Kelid.

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Where to find Fort Faroth in the Elden Ring

Fort Faroth is a bit hard to find, as it’s technically located in Dragonbarrow, not the main area of ​​Caelid. Head to Fort Farroth, watch out for dragons, and head inside the fort. Beware: Bat enemies are everywhere, but you can run over and climb the ladder to the end. The second medallion is located on the chest at the top of the tower.

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Elden Ring Grand Lift at Dectus Location