Elden Ring Dungeon Guide | PC Gamer

Wondering if you should venture into the Elden Ring dungeons scattered across The Lands Between? Power grinds in Elden Ring are much slower than in other Souls games, but defeating their Elden Ring bosses through dungeons is one of the best ways to get runes and gain power.

These dungeons aren’t particularly hard to find, but it’s useful to know the types of rewards they offer so you can focus on those that are most useful or farm them for extra materials, such as Elden Ring Smithing Stones. This list covers the dungeons in the Limgrave starting area, but we’ll be sure to add more as we find them. So, if you’re ready to get started, here’s where you can find the Elden Ring dungeons and the rewards you can get from each dungeon.

Elden Ring dungeon: every one we’ve found so far