Elden Ring Game Boy demake puts Lands between in your pocket

Eldon Ring Obviously a pretty stunning game, but it can’t really match the brilliant five-color palette of the original Game Boy. Thankfully, someone is working hard to give us what we deserve.

Reddit user -shin-, known as shintendo on other platforms, Recently shared A brief rundown of their take on the Game Boy’s Elden Ring demake. it looks good! So far, they seem to have established open areas of the game, looking forward to the church, which seems to be the Wanderer’s starting level. And of course there’s the classic reliable dodge scrolling, which doesn’t have dedicated animations, but it’s more of a goofy spin if not a charming sprite spin. You can attack with your sword and that’s the summary of the gameplay.

The short video does go all the way to the bossfight of grafted scion, which has been changed to mostly just walk around, occasionally trying to stab you with its own sword. What happens next isn’t shown, though, as shintendo is dead, and the screen is covered in the classic “you’re dead” text, albeit with a Game Boy flavor.

It appears that shintendo fully intends to make this a bigger playable game.if you go to their twitch, you can see that they are doing a live demake. They seem to be currently working on Limgrave, the main starting area of ​​the game, and it looks pretty good!does bring the Elden Ring back to its The Legend of Zelda root.

The Elden Ring community loves going all out when it comes to fan creations. After the legendary fame of Let Me Solo Her, a mod was made that allows you to summon a skilled player as Soul Ash so you can Solo Her when you need to. She’s of course Malenia, Mikaela’s Blade, and easily one of the toughest bosses in the game.