Elden Ring Golden Seed Guide

Looking for golden seeds in the Elden Ring? Collecting these collectibles is well worth it, as they are used to upgrade your Flasks, a key consumable for your FP to restore health and use spells and abilities. Unlike the Souls game, after the first few upgrades, you start needing multiple gold seeds to increase your flask charge.

You can find golden seeds through golden saplings, mostly by the main roads or near certain landmarks – you can even get them by defeating bosses in Elden Ring. That said, they’re more scarce early in the game, but I’ve put together this guide to help you. Here are all the Elden Ring Golden Seeds we’ve found so far, sorted by region. We’ll add more as we find them.

Elden Ring Golden Seeds Location


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  • Get one as a souvenir at the start of the game.
  • You can find another tree next to the golden sapling on the right side of the road, heading from the gate to Stormveil Castle.
  • Defeat the Festering Dryad boss in the Tomb Dungeon of the Marginal Hero to get one.
  • After Rodericka leaves the ruins of Grace’s Tempest Mountain Lodge in West Lyngrave, she leaves you with a golden seed.

east lingrave

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  • Find this at the southernmost gate of Heitberg. You’ll find golden saplings near where you fought Pumpkin Head.

weeping peninsula

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  • This seed was found on the way to the southern Mourne Castle. Look to the right as you ride along it and you’ll spot a golden sapling on a small outcrop of the cliff.


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  • This seed is located in the magical town of Celia, near the center of Kelid. Fight your way through town, then walk up the giant staircase at the north end. At the top, you’ll find a golden sapling.

Saiola River

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  • From the Siofra River Bank Site in Grace, find a portal on an island to the northeast. Go through it and head to the pillar you can see on the cliff above. Once there, you’ll see a small causeway heading west. Go past this and climb up to see the golden saplings.

North Lyurnia

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  • Located on the west side of Xueyuanmen Town. From the Grace College Gate town ruins, head west along the suburbs past a green crystal. Keep going until you find golden saplings in the gap between the two large sections of the broken bridge.
  • Find this east of Caria Manor at the top of Liurnia. Down the canyon with its huge poison sac, you’ll find a golden sapling at the end.


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  • This seed is located in the Carria estate in the north. After the ruins of the upper level of Grace Manor, enter the garden with the wolf and you will see golden saplings behind a wolf overlooking a cliff.

Dragon Cart

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  • Head down from the Sanctuary of the Beasts in the far northeast corner of the map and you’ll find a golden sapling. Beware of vulgar militias.

Altus Plateau

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  • Follow the road from Dectus Elevator and turn left at the fork. Go a little further and on the left you will see a golden sapling.
  • In the forest with the Erdtree symbol in the north. On the way north from the forest to Windmill Ranch, you will see a golden sapling on the left side of the road.

mt.he won’t come

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  • North of Grace’s Seethewater River site, past the crater, you’ll see a sapling on the right side of the river.
  • After the adult Meteor Beast leader above Grace at Camp Nine in Gelmir, head west through the rocky outcrop and jump into the gap. Jump again to where the troll’s body is hanging and you’ll find a golden sapling.

Leyndell, the royal capital

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  • By entering the stairs of the city with the two tree sentry bosses, you will find a golden sapling with two golden seeds next to the Grace Ruins at the Phantom Tree Ruins on the outer walls.
  • Go up the stairs from the Phantom Tree ruins on the outer wall of Grace, past the giant gargoyle, and you will come to a square with a golden sapling and two seeds.

west giant mountain

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  • Head east from Grace’s Forbidden Land and you’ll find a golden sapling on the right side of the track. Watch out for fast enemies.
  • Starting from the elegant Ancient Snow Valley ruins, head northeast upstream until you come to the Ruin Golems patrolling side by side. There will be a golden sapling on the right.