Elden Ring looks pretty cute and harmless when using the Tilt Shift effect

Eldon Ring is a cute game. A tough, cute game. However, when tilt-shift therapy is given, it doesn’t look terrible.

Created by YouTuber VladThe video shows the land transformed into a miniature world with its little inhabitants running around doing what they want.

This isn’t the first time that Flurdeh has used tilt-shift like Battlefield 1, Breath of the Wild, Final Fantasy XIV, God of War, Half-Life 2, Red Dead Redemption, The Witcher 3 and Others have tilt-shift.

If you’re wondering how this is achieved, the tilt effect changes the focal plane of the image, and the shift effect changes the perspective of the image. It is used a lot in photography, and the results make people, buildings, nature and other things look like miniatures.

In photography, tilt-shift lenses have two sets of knobs that control their respective functions. Tilt the knob changes the focal plane and allows you to widen or narrow the depth of field. Moving the shift knob has the effect of changing the perspective of the image so that you can change the image plane.

In this particular case, Flurdeh used the camera tool Created by Frans Boumawho made the photo mode mods for the game, and the results are pretty cute.

See it for yourself in the video above.