Elden Ring modder installs Blaidd the Half-Wolf to showcase pared down rider content

Eldon Ring Truly a gift that keeps on giving. Even if you look back at what’s already in the game, our interpretation of how it’s evolving, and the different discoveries players continue to make months after launch, we’ve been slowly uncovering an untapped drop in features and content. gold mine.

One of the features that seems to have gone through several iterations during development is rider and mount. Throughout the game world, you will encounter enemies on horseback, as well as other creatures. Of course, players can do this themselves using torrents, and the system that governs all of these interactions is the same.

Soul mod witch zulieDigging deeper into FromSoft’s game than anyone else, he discovered some interesting quirks about the feature. According to their findings, the way mechanics work is actually quite simple.

NPCs (and player characters) have additional points on their 3D models. This so-called virtual polygon also exists on the mount, which has an ID of 500. The game just looks for a matching ID to start the mount animation and connect the two together.

Because these points exist on many NPCs, you can effectively attach your character to it and mount them even if they don’t actually use them. This can be done for riders as well as other mobs, which means you can ride NPCs – like Blaidd, the half wolf.

As Zullie points out in the video, this does show that FromSoft previously imagined certain NPCs as riders, even though they don’t have mounts in the end game. Another example is Mohg, one of the toughest bosses in the game.

In fact, these unused attachment points may not necessarily be used for mounts, as Elden Ring can sometimes see stationery weapons as mounts in this sense. These NPCs may at some point be able to operate ballistas or some sort of siege weapon.

It is also possible that the same point acts as the actual connection point connecting the NPC to another object, such as the troll dragging a caravan seen in the game world.

Zullie found several NPCs with RideRequest AI commands that allowed them to install mobs that paired with them, but they weren’t actually paired.

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